We offer a range of printmaking workshops that can suit all ages and abilities. We use accessible approaches to workshops such as using pasta makers as print presses and portable materials to bring a print studio to any pop up location. Our pop up workshops have appeared at notable institutions and organisations in Bristol and beyond from Spike Island to Arnolfini, End of the Road Festival to Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. Our workshops have even travelled across the North Sea to Denmark at The Hans Christian Anderson Museum where we delivered a series of children’s fairy tale print workshops alongside a month long printmaking residency at Funen Print Workshop.
Our workshops adapt to suit different environments and we offer a range of exciting approaches to printmaking as well as delivering basic introductions. From festivals, parties and team building sessions we can tailor workshops to cater for everyone’s needs.
Here are some examples of our favourite workshops:


Lino Printing

Simple carving techniques are taught in this workshop to carve into linoleum blocks. Using oil-water based inks to roll vibrant colours and experiment with making muilti - layered prints or pattern lino blocks.​By printing by hand we demonstrate how simple it is to re-create at home and continue your craft.



In drypoint the surface of the plate is scratched but the material itself is not removed, it is just pushed to the side forming a burr. It is this 'burr' which holds the ink, and gives a drypoint line, or area, its typical velvety appearance. Drypoint prints produce lively marks and through using Chine-colle the application of bright colours can be added.



Collagraph plates are created on cardboard using textured materials and experimental drawing methods. These are then varnished and inked through an etching press to produce exciting and expressive prints.



Mono-printing is a unique way of creating a one-off original expressive print. Mono prints are created by adding and removing ink from a surface which is then printed using an etching press. Many effects can be achieved in monotypes that are not possible with any other technique.


Botanical Printing

Starting with inking colours and layering botanical plants using pasta presses with long lengths of paper that are then formed into a handmade folded concertina book.
​Books are finished off with letter stamps and collaged papers to form a narrative inspired by the botanical prints.


Kitchen Lithography

This workshop is an exciting process and a great introduction to lithography printmaking, using household objects to print with, so the print studio can come to you. Draw onto tin foil with various oil based materials and process using fizzy cola! The foil is then inked and put through a print press.



A collaborative workshop that explores community interest projects in a fun accessible approach with stamp carving and printing. Each stamp is produced by lino carving or rubber stamp cutting and is added to the shared map by inking and stamping by hand.



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