Upcoming Workshops


Experimental Drypoint Workshop

Join Jemma for a fun day at her studio at Estate of the Arts in South Bristol as she demonstrates the wonders of this printmaking process. 

Drypoint belongs to the intaglio family where incised lines are created using a range of mark making tools that will hold ink. 

26th June 



All materials included. 

Drypoint Image2.jpg

Kitchen Lithography

Join Jemma in her studio at Estate of the Arts where she'll show you how to create prints using household materials. 
Using cola and tinfoil you'll begin to understand the principles of lithography, in that oil and water do not mix! 

This is a fun workshop which will give surprising results! 

6th July 

6.30 - 8.30pm 

£35 - all materials included 


Watercolour Monotype

Join Jemma in her studio at Estate of the Arts for a morning of colourful fun! 
Jemma will show you how to create unique one-off prints using watercolours that are painted directly onto aluminium to then offset onto paper using an etching press.

21st July 


£35 - All materials included. 


Intaglio Weekend Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginners or people who need a refresher.

You will learn how to make a hardground and softground plate using copper as your matrix. This workshop is hands on giving you an insight into the wonders of intaglio processes. Etching is a fantastic way of producing varied and exciting marks and by the end of the day you will have a small edition to take home with you. Please bring inspiration to work from. It is important to wear suitable clothing as we will be using oil-based inks and acids. Bring an apron if you have one! All materials provided.
This will be held in Jemma's own studio at Estate of the Arts.

14th and 15th August 


All materials provided.